Videography Products

Wedding Films

Don't just document what happened, capture the actual feeling of the event... in an artful way. We can create a short-film of your wedding day that you will adore... and easily share with friends and family!

Found in the:

-DELUXE wedding package

-CINEMA wedding videography package

Moments Videos

A moments video captures just that: the moments you want to share. It's a Photo-centric video with a few short video clips  added as well. Think of it as an animated collage.

Found in the:

-BASIC wedding package

-FULL wedding package

-Maternity photo session

-High School Senior photo session 

Commercial & Promotional

For whatever business you run, from retail sales to services, it's smart to promote your product. We help with that. Weather you're a big business or big at heart, we've got you covered!

Music Videos

As a music artist, your video should speak for itself. This is one of the best promotional tools in your arsenal!


Many colleges now require for sports scholarships that you have a highlight video of your student athlete. That's a service that we provide gladly. Our Sports package includes four games with the option to add on as many as we can schedule.

Highlight video of the best offense and defense footage of four games for one player

-20 minute Mini Photo Session

-Athlete Interview

-Recorded and Produced at 1080 HD 


Ces White has years of voiceover experience and can help you make a good presentation product for your business church congregation and more.

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Here are just a few samples of work, and there's a whoooole lot more where these come from.

For specific work samples click the links above! If you'd like to book us for your Commercial Video project, Click Here.

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