Cesaron White
Photographer | Videographer | Designer

"Over the course of several years I have had the opportunity to create a wide variety of corporate and independent work. My passion is supplying visual appeal to Christian groups of all sizes. That's why I came up with Intelligent Dexine"
Ces has been dealing in the world of design since 2006, and art since he can remember. As a music artist working on his first project, he needed graphic work but hadn't the funds necessary to get unique album artwork made. He took the initiative to gather some software and began to create. Over time Ces' creations opened doors to other possibilities, and his previous employment placing advertisements for a Christian Publishing company gave an advantage. In 2008 he began working for Deliverance Mission Christian Church in Swansea, IL as the Media Manager where he held his first paid staff position in Graphic Design.

Cesaron has studied Graphic Communications and Graphic Design at Southwestern Illinois College, where he says he learned a great deal. The latest addition to Ces' professional portfolio is film projects. Through iDex Media, he has been comissioned to create music videos for Christian artists. Faye Mosby attributes much of her success in the "Prayze Factor" gospel competition to the quality of her music video! (click here to visit the music videos page) Christian Hip Hop artists Third L and Purpose chose Cesaron to be the creative head and finishing authority regarding their music video projects! Purpose's music video "Love Me" has received much acclaim and praise for it's content and presentation.

Beyond the commercial realm, "Good Can Come" is his personal project. It is a documentary about how urban communities (namely East St Louis) are regarded as wastelands from which nothing good can emerge. The psychological implications on the youth of these areas is disturbing. He feels mindsets need to change in order to view those who live in these communities as real people with real value.

The project has been postponed due to lack of funding. Subtle progress is still being made, since the project was not complete by the end of 2012 which he had strongly hoped.

You can find Cesaron in all the typical places... including Twitter, Facebook, 500px, and Flickr! The best method of contact is to send an email using this contact page!
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