Personal and professional-use portraiture is available! This is one of our core services. Personal examples include family portraits, senior portraits, and others. Professional or commercial photography includes things like professional headshots, product photos, and anything to promote a person, product or idea. [more]


Another core service we provide is wedding coverage. We list this separate from general events because weddings take special care, time, and attention… iDex Wedding Photography and Videography is available, so lets make it happen! [more]


General event coverage includes things like corporate functions, seminars, concerts and even small parties. There are plenty of events other than weddings, and we’re there to meet your specific need. [more]


Commercials and promotional videos are the the most creative core service we provide. weather you’re a small business working on your first commercial, a larger organization looking for a more detailed production, or you’re a music artist ready for a music video. We’ve got you covered. [more]

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